¡el grupo! received an award from AIA Austin for the Moustache Ride! 

What an amazing honor. Thanks AIA Austin!

Best of Austin 2011!!

Exciting news! We received a Critics Pick in the Austin Chronicle's Best Of Austin 2011 for the Moustache Ride! This was for the Architecture and Lodging category. Thanks Critics.
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More Than Architecture

More than Architecture is an exhibit at the UT Fine Arts Library. We have a couple of things in the exhibit - Tennis Bench v2.3 and a photo exhibit of the Moustache Ride. Come by and take a look, it's free.

Tennis Bench 2.3 in Action

Bonnie Rodd and Davey McEathron installed one of the tennis benches at Bailey Park and within an hour, it was being utilized.

Tennis Bench 2.0 almost done

... but ready for a test. This bench went through a few design iterations and realistically should be known as Tennis Bench 2.3

This is the first of two. The second should be done this weekend.

KUT Video Blog for the Moustache Ride

Spike Gillespie, a local rock star blogger and comedian in Austin wrote about the Moustache Ride in he KUT Blog this week. There is also some video! Thanks Spike!

Tennis Bench 2.0 Progress

The frames for the benches for Bailey Park Tennis Courts are all welded together now. The next step will be to clean them up and powder coat them. The design was changed a little to express the structural forces and add some visual interest. More to come...

Tennis Bench 2.0

We are in the midst of creating another Tennis Court Bench, this time for Bailey Park in Austin, TX.

We were approached by some University of Texas Architecture Students from Steve Ross' class about getting involved in a community project. We had a short time frame of about 6 weeks... Rosie from the Austin Parks Foundation had expressed some interest in some more benches in parks earlier in the year. So, we put the two together.

We came up with a simple, yet elegant design and sought out some donations from Lowe's and Home Depot - both donated materials. Our friends at Athena Manufacturing agreed to powder coat the steel frames as well - they also powder coated the frames from the last set of benches.

Currently we are fabricating the frames and expect to install in early June after the Parks Department refinishes the courts.

Here's a sketch of the design and a photo of Bonnie Rodd, a UT student, cutting some steel.

A BIG thank you!

¡el grupo!
would like to say thanks to the sponsors of the Moustache Ride:

Bridget Francis Quinn with the Payphone Revival Project put together a great event and the whole Payphone Revival Project itself - a great idea from a great lady. She aquired some grants from the City of Austin, The Texas Payphone Association and Telenational, Inc. Check out her websites here:


Jackson Jonson Enterprise gave us a great discount on the industrial coating that they applied over the Moustache. They are a really nice group of fellas and they do excellent work. Check them out on the web here:


Bob Zrudsky was an invaluable resource for construction techniques. As well, he donated plenty of materials and beer to the project. He definitely made a huge contribution to the realization of the Moustache.

and of course, we would like to offer a big thanks to Maribel and Carlos at El Chilito for being supportive of this project. We definitely could not have done it without them. Check them out on the web, but definitely check out their cochinita pibil tacos in person!! Just try not to dribble any taco juice on the Moustache.


Public Workshop Publishes the Moustache!

Public Workshop posted the Moustache on their "Things We Like" section of their blog. There is a quick little interview with Nicolas and Davey as well.

Check out their post here - http://publicworkshop.us/?p=2119


The Moustache Ride

Come see the Moustache Ride a El Chilito on Manor in East Austin. The installation will be up till late Winter. See more photos on Nicolas Rivard's Behance Page - http://www.behance.net/gallery/Moustache-Rides-5-Cents/821742

The Moustache Ride Progress Photos

Saturday at 3:00 pm - El Chilito on Manor. Payphone Revival Project kick-off with the Moustache Ride by ¡el grupo! and Cabinet of Eastside Curiousities by J.P. Marquart. The Yellow Bike Project will be dropping off a bunch of yellow bikes also so that you may go on an Eastside Austin tour of the other Payphone Revival projects - if you choose. Or you can just stay at El Chilito and drink some beer and watch people play on a giant moustache.

Yes, Charlie got me addicted to the Hipstamatic iPhone App.

Abandoned Phone Booth Re-Purposing

The idea of the public payphone as a mechanism to link two people and facilitate interaction presents a unique opportunity. We are proposing to reinterpret the interaction from a two way verbal communication mechanism to a mechanism that encourages play as physical communication. The image of children using two tin cans and a string as a makeshift telephone - both a toy and a tool simultaneously - leads to the retro-activating of the phone booth from a tool back to a toy, but in the transformation the distinction is blurred and made irrelevant. It is both things simultaneously.

The goal of the installation is to activate the area by reinventing the phone booth as a see-saw.The El Chilito site on Manor Rd. provides the ideal place for this reinvention. The site is a gathering place for both young fashionable people and families.The corner location is a north-south / east-west crossing point in a part of Austin that is itself being reinvented. The El Chilito sign as the installation location provides a visual counter point to the outdoor seating area, an ideal place for meeting and people watching. The playful nature of the sign relates with ease to both the visual and physical aesthetics of the moustache see-saw.

The material choice for the see-saw will be the repuposed phone booth, play sand, recycled wood and steel.The chosen materials are meant to evoke memories of playgrounds with their benefits of durability, economy and opportunity for recyclability.
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The Mohawk

Reclaimed wood was used to create a bench and wall feature; and milk crates and steel were used to create benches at the Mohawk Bar from 2008-2009. This project was done in collaboration with Thoughtbarn.