A BIG thank you!

¡el grupo!
would like to say thanks to the sponsors of the Moustache Ride:

Bridget Francis Quinn with the Payphone Revival Project put together a great event and the whole Payphone Revival Project itself - a great idea from a great lady. She aquired some grants from the City of Austin, The Texas Payphone Association and Telenational, Inc. Check out her websites here:


Jackson Jonson Enterprise gave us a great discount on the industrial coating that they applied over the Moustache. They are a really nice group of fellas and they do excellent work. Check them out on the web here:


Bob Zrudsky was an invaluable resource for construction techniques. As well, he donated plenty of materials and beer to the project. He definitely made a huge contribution to the realization of the Moustache.

and of course, we would like to offer a big thanks to Maribel and Carlos at El Chilito for being supportive of this project. We definitely could not have done it without them. Check them out on the web, but definitely check out their cochinita pibil tacos in person!! Just try not to dribble any taco juice on the Moustache.


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